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Are you looking to develop a multi-page project or any interactive app? If yes, then here are some interesting updates that can help you to accomplish you task more effectively. Have a look on latest features in InDesign CC that need to be acknowledged to complete your task.

This InDesign CC is known as a print and app design powerhouse that contributes a significant role in the graphic designing projects. This tool perfectly assimilates with other Creative Cloud tools. And the most amazing part while using InDesign CC is that you can submit infinite single-edition iPad apps to any Apple app store as a Creative cloud member.


Let’s have a look on ten amazing updates of this brand new version of InDesign that can amaze you:

Innovative Expression: The foremost thing that can easily attract the focus of viewers is the brand new look of InDesign CC.This latest version can speed up the applications effectively with other Creative Cloud apps including, Illustrator or Photoshop CC. Moreover, you have the option to manipulate the brightness of the UI according to your preference and choice.

Sync fonts: Another important feature that plays a major role in the appearance of any layout is its font and its size. In InDesign CC, it allow user to search for Typekit fonts, which is available within the app and can download them for personal use.

Immediate Font Preview: Along with the sync fonts, this great version also offers you an instant font preview. This will allow you to have a look of different font and decide accordingly that suitsyour layout. Moreover, you can use arrow keys to browse through several fonts and check every single option by applying to your selected text.

Font Hunt and Filter: InDesign CC also provides you an option to search for different fonts and also filter your search result. This amazing feature provides you the exact result you must be looking for such as type any word of your font includes and get the result that matches to your standards. This is the great way of searching for fonts without spending much time to get the perfect option.

font  and search

Bookmark Your Favorite Fonts: Do you have a list of fonts that is being used regularly? If yes, then InDesign CC provides you an option to mark your favorite fonts and use accordingly. You can set the option to display the particular set for your work.

QR Code Creator: Creating QR code may not be the first choice of a user while using InDesign, but it has the proficiency to create QR codes. This InDesign CC quickly generates vector OR codes and you can easily resize them as per the need. It can be used in any business card or a billboard.

Latest Exchange Panel: The adobe exchange is one of the best sources for plugins, extensions and templates. It helps you to perform inventive and tedious task more efficiently. This latest exchange panel offers you to search the Adobe Exchange library within InDesign CC.

Share to the Cloud: This new feature will allow users to save the InDesign files and complete their layer intact. Along with this, you can share the creative cloud with other machines. This amazing feature will soon hit the market and become one of the popular features that will be used more often.

share and the cloud



HiDP and Retina Display Upport: Do you have a Retina MacBook Pro? This InDesign now fully support HiDPI, which will make your work clearer and louder.

Develop iPad Apps Without any Coding: This may be an old story, but Adobe DPS is one of the best options for developing iPad apps of brochures, mags or any other multi-pages project without using any coding. In addition, Creative Cloud memberscan easily submit infinite single-edition iPad apps to any Apple app store.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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