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Instagram is not the only photo editing app available. Here we present to you a collection of the best iPad, iPhone and Android apps.

Instagram, although a great place for posting and sharing images, can prove to be a hectic place due to so many garish filters. To make it easier for you we bring to you some of the most amazing apps available, for iOS, iPhone and iPad. Some of these are quite popular, while others are new. While these might not be as great as the results you can get with Photoshop or a DSLR, still these are quite good at what they do.

It is the interface which is Handy Photo’s USP. It makes use of the screen corner to display the options for rotating menu. This means that the central part of screen is clear for you to swipe your fingers and add an effect or two. It is considered a great photo editor, while the UI might not be suitable for everyone, still it can provide some amazing effects.

path On

If adding funky texts to images is what you like, then Path On is for you. All you need to do is determine a path and the message you type will be displayed on that path. It does not stop here as you can adjust things like letter space, font, alignment and much more. This feature makes it a great app for adding text to images.

frametastic app

For sharing large images, Frametastic is the best. It lets you store memories, not only moments, in the form of several photographs, which can be enhanced using a number of effects, such as color filters. Recently iPhone 5 screens and iPad 3 retinas has also been added in it.

camera+ best app

You must be familiar with the average quality pictures that most of the camera phones offer. If you are looking for better pictures, then Camera+ app is for you. This app offers you two platforms, the first one for you to take the pictures and the second one for editing. And using the latter is a truly great experience, owing to the amazing range of wonderful features.

Facetune   App for iPhone

No one likes his pictures to be ruined by laughter lines and blemishes; however, there is little you can do about them, until now. Facetune is your magic wand that lets you give yourself a virtual makeover. You can remove freckles, under eye bags and blemished skin, reshape your nose and jaw line and also add a few subtle effects by changing the color tone. And the results are truly impressive.

Gelo app for Iphone

Now you can transform your pictures completely by adding a few colors. This amazing iPhone app has gradients, which did eliminate from the scene for a while. However Gelo is here to change that. Although using this app requires a bit of patience, but once you are acquainted with it, there will be no looking back. Take or import an image and you can find gels. Choose a favorite color and just tap it to add it to your image. You can also control the way it will affect your image.

fxcamerascreens app

Many apps claim to bring out your creativity. However, these claims are not always to be believed. Well, the scenario is different when the app is FxCamera. This highly rated and vastly popular app by Bitcellar, does let you show your creative streak.

The most amazing feature of this app is the Voice picture. With this you can take pictures and record a message simultaneously. All you need to do is use the shutter button present on screen. Swipe it to the right and hold it down to add a slogan or caption to your picture. These images can be shared on Facebook as well.

clone Camera

This smart and advanced photo compositing app can let you double up your pictures. In simple words, it allows you to take a picture of a scene multiple times, with the same person. For example, you can take four pictures of an individual at various locations and then choose the areas which you would want to combine together for final image.

retromatic App

If you love vintage photos, then this app is just right to take this passion to another level. You can take pictures, edit them using instant alpha tool and add vintage effects. This app inspired by the 50’s makes this process so easy and simple. However, you will need to look for some other app if you want to do something more with your pictures.

photoshop touch

Photoshop family is ever expanding, and Photoshop Touch is the latest addition designed for iPhone. This app has most of the features of the Adobe’s desktop app, including adjustments and layers, which make this app truly great for some serious image editing.


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10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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