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A rapid growth was observed in website design throughout the past year, which considerably transformed the design practices followed by web designers. Some of these ideas were still in the conceptualization phase earlier and these are now emerging fast and being adopted by the maximum population of web design domain. Mentioned below are 12 most prominent web design trends which you cannot afford to miss in 2013. The designs that you create reflect your culture, beliefs and expectations. While some designs hold immense significance for some people, for others these might be irrelevant. So whatever trends are mentioned in this post should be adopted if they stand true to your design sensibilities.


Responsive is the word!– Earlier website layouts were designed for a particular platform only, preferably computers and in some cases laptops. However, the vast transformation brought in by modern day devices has enhanced the need for having responsive layouts, which are supported by not only one, but various different platforms, be it desktops, tablets, laptops or smartphones. It can also be termed as uniform design, which adapts itself according to the browser being used by the users.


Retina Support is in – A constant rise has also been seen in web designs being developed for the retina devices. This trend was initiated by Apple with iPhone 4. Since then it has be used for multiple devices, including Mac Books and iPads as well. Retina screens have much larger density than an average LCD. This requires designers to create images in two sets. First image should have twice the resolution, and another one which is of half the size. This will allow the bigger image to be reduced to standard resolution, while looking crisp and clear on a retina screen.


Stapled header bars for easy navigation – Header bar can be stapled to your website with a particular property of CSS. It makes it very easy for the users to get back to home page, while they are scrolling down the page. Although this trend was already popular, still now it is being used extensively. What makes these fixed headers so interesting is the ability to work on almost any website, whether blog, social networks etc. When paired with most of the layouts this design looks very trendy and appealing.

What’s in the background? An entire image – This trend has found a huge following amongst photographs and people who love photography. Using oversized photographs as backgrounds is being considered an ideal way to attract user’s attention. It can really make the desired impact, provided it is done properly. If it is blended well with the layout, then it can prove to be a major advantage for a website in the competitive marketing arena.

CSS Tricks for Backgrounds – Advanced CSS properties allow the opacity of any webpage item to be edited. It gives you control for generating transparency in a modern website browser, without taking the help of Photoshop.

Minimalist design – Anyone with some experience in the online market can tell how online marketing is all about simple and interactive designs. Internet offers you a worldwide platform to sell whatever product or service you can come up with. However, to make it a success the landing pages should be able to present your idea well, in order to capture and maintain the attention of users. For this try to design a simple yet appealing landing page, which lets the users focus on the core product.


Social Social Social – Marketing plays a huge role in the success of a website and what better way to make your products or services known worldwide than social media sites. You can choose just any social platform to share badges and this will be a great solution for your website. This offers users an easy and quick way of sharing content on various sites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Infographics anyone? – Website design is all about capturing and holding user’s attention and what better way than well defined illustrations to achieve this task. The only problem is to find a good designer, proficient at creating impeccable art work for websites. The use of illustrations is only limited by your imagination. Take a look at the galleries of different website to get an idea about how to make the best use of illustrations for branding.

Infinite scrolling – This popular technique is being used extensively and gives amazing results. It basically implies a layout where you can keep scrolling down, looking at images, while the page will continue to load. It is simple, yet highly effective. Although this technique might not work well on all the layouts, still for some websites it can lead to incredible outcomes.

Full screen typography – After oversized photographs, this is one trend which is catching up fast. In this the webpage text is designed in a way that it completely covers the entire browser. If it is done properly, then it can definitely create the desired impact, without annoying the users. This type of design element will really stand out, making your website more interesting for users.

Deep Box shadows – Box shadows is a trend that is being infused with other design elements in the modern website design. It can create amazing effects, without causing any negative impact on the aesthetics, provided it is not overused. Earlier this technique was considered very difficult. However, now it has become very easy to implement due to advancements in software and tools.

Vertical Navigation – This trend was not considered very practical or preferred some time back, however it is now emerging gradually and can be seen on many famous websites. It can definitely enhance the aesthetic appeal of the website, if used properly.

Design and user interface are definitely the most crucial aspects when it comes to designing for digital platforms. It is very important to match content styles and navigations with website layout to achieve successful results. The trends mentioned above are sure to provide a new edge to your design abilities, as they are considered integral for creating eye catching websites.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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