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Is your agency’s website is as attractive as responsive? You need to check out some illustrations to know about the perfect responsive web design.

Many people take it leniently but it is a known fact that people do judge a book by its cover and take it into consideration. It is quite essential to have a responsive website so that people can perceive your brand or product in the right manner.

Due to advancement of technology, new innovations and gadgets are emerging very rapidly and this has made quite difficult for web designers to come up with impressive web design.

A responsive web design is specifically designed to make your website more attractive and which also efficiently works on various devices, without any coding to separate sites for each device. Here are some great examples of responsive sites that will help you to comprehend this approach in the most efficient manner. Have a look:


Web Design  Momentum

It is a workspace, which includes designer, developer, video expert, and photographer established in United Kingdom. Momentum acquires an incredible website that displays effective message and layout.

Olivier Bon, a creative director has revealed that he wanted to have a device-agnostic site that must retain its consistency. He also said that it is beneficial to think in terms of mobile, as it is a great way to create hierarchy. He revealed that he had spent much time and tried to make navigation work efficient in a slight window but it was unsuccessful.

He concluded “as soon as I experienced the site on my phone, it was obvious. The navigation had to be at the bottom of the website on mobile devices.”

Read More – http://builtwithmomentum.com/



pinch Mobile Design Company

Pinch is a mobile designing agency, which is led by well-known mobile expert Brian Fling. It has a wonderful website that amazing works with x-axis, which is known as web’s less trodden path appears on extensive screen. This design involves CSS columns that seem to be challenging in responsive design process to regulate horizontal scrollbar. However, pinch succeeds in addressing such problem with vertical responsive craftiness.

The content has enough space to croon between during navigation and it performs smoothly in large or small viewports, which remains outside and produced when click on pinch logo sign. On the contrary, the dynamic moves to navigate the y-axis that is more familiar in this. Websites considering this approach are quite open to testing and experimentation and there is also a possibility of clashes between this and our integral ways.

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Envy Labs 



This is a web development workshop and has recently redesigned its website to reveal the business development. This renovation is effectively conveying the company’s value and philosophy. It is highlighting the slick fonts along with CSS-driven shapes and CSS transitions on hover. You can check the homepage where a champion depicting a semi-circle bases that lend him to a circular motion on conversion. It has also used MVCSS, which is a Sass based MVC CSS designer to support in the build.



Palantir chicago Based Agency

Palantir is a Chicago based agency, which provides a full-fledged service design and strategy to its client. It is specialized in Drupal-powered development work. It’s site includes some charming retro space-themed illustrations along with beautiful typography and also a stunning color palette that can attract anyone to fall in love with the site. Moreover, the roomy layout is another welcomed feature in the website.

George DeMet, CEO of Palantir has unveiled that “We definitely wanted to make sure that the site wouldn’t be too heavy for mobile users, so we did everything that we could to optimize images, CSS and JavaScript.”

“In our experience, responsive Drupal sites are not significantly larger than other responsive sites as long as best practices are being followed,” he added.

By having 1MB, there is still some space available for improvement. And HTTP requests can also be reduced by concatenating JavaScript and CSS files. With this, the global page sized can be trimmed by improving image assets.




This is another great small digital design studio located in San Francisco. Weightshift has worked with reputed firms such as, WordPress, Mozilla and Microsoft. The old version of the website have paid attention to details and also featured a jaw-dropping level of craft. But it has been launched again with a fresh responsive design. This new design is quite sparser than the earlier one.

Naz Hamid, the founder of Weightshift said that “the aesthetic idea we had was to be ‘airy.”

“Coupled with the desire to focus on the content, we devised the central column focus, which aligned nicely with the mobile-first approach,” he added.

The Photoshop observed very little contribution in the mainly browser-driven design process.

Mr. Hamid concluded that “Designing in code allowed us to iterate quickly and fail, but also succeed faster. You get the ‘feel’ of something almost immediately.”

The studio opted for a 50/50 approach and also assumed breakpoint-static for wide screens.


supereight Studios

SupereightStudio is considered a friendly British design studio introduced by Peter Orme and Matt Hamm. Their site has quite attractive looks, which includes logo designed by Brent Couchman, features bold type along with huge photographic backdrops.

Every section name is fixed with the Stratum typeface surrounded by Proxima Nova.

Matt Hamm who is a creative director of Supereight Studio revealed some facts that help to know how effectively the studio approaches the design of a responsive site. While disclosing this information, he said it is completely impracticable to create Photoshop visuals for each breakpoint in the design. Instead, it would be much better to obtain a robust idea of the course you are looking forward to pursue. After getting the idea, start designing the break points in the CSS as you build.

Read More  – http://www.supereightstudio.com/ 


Design Intellection



Design Intellection is known as a small design studio, situated at different locations such as Kentucky and Louisville. And the studio runs by David Yeiser. The website of Design Intellection acts as Yeiser’s professional work portfolio as well as his personal blog. It is a considered one of the most amazing site that acquires beauty through its simplicity.

The ultimate blend of serif, sans serif and monospaced typefaces efficiently perform in this building process.Mr. Yeiser says that “Proper planning beforehand is paramount when it comes to the complexity of responsive design.”

He further added that “Of course, you can only plan so much – and at some point you have to jump in and see what works and what doesn’t as you build it.”


Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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