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Many people have an idea that they want to develop into an app for promoting their business, service or product; however they are deterred by the huge amount of investment that it requires in terms of both money and time. Times are changing now and this task can be accomplished without having to spend a lot of your time or money. Availability of so many platforms these days has made it very cost effective and quick to develop an app and that too without requiring any coding.

Now you can develop and manage a mobile application or site by making a nominal investment with the help of platforms, which are listed below. You can reap plenty of benefits as well by providing your clients an amazing experience, along with increasing engagement, awareness and your business revenue.


Mobile app platform

Cloud based platform for building mobile app, Appery can be used for creating apps for popular devices like iOS, Windows Phone and Android. Presence of Apache Cordova provide es access to built-in elements as well.

As this platform is cloud based, thus there is no need for downloading or installing to use it. There is an editor for visuals which can be used for building UI by dragging and dropping the components. By connecting to REST API you can use it for your application and add cloud database instantly, backend it to your application for storing data.

Functionality of your app can be enhanced with plug-in catalog of Appery or by creating a custom plug-in for using in your app. Collaborating is also very easy and it enables sharing of your project with your development team, customers or business users and that too in real time.

Price: plans are available for free initially and reach monthly price of $180 for Premium.

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie best mobile app platform

A wonderful app creator, Mobile Roadie allows you to create, as well as manage your own Android or iOS app. Every media type is supported by this platform, by easily importing keywords of Twitter, RSS and Google News, as well as fan wall that auto refreshes allowing users to share ideas in real time.

Mobile Roadie Connect is available as free app for accurately previewing your app, just like your users who will view it on various devices. Submission process is also made easy through this app, as Mobile Roadie allows you to check your content’s appropriateness and quality.

Content can be pushed into your app straight, as well as content can be pulled from it for using on your blog or site. Being language agnostic, API can be used for pulling data in various formats, such as JSON, PHP, HTML, CSV and XML. Custom feel and look can be easily crafted for your application and can be applied to various platforms for using different suites of marketing methods after launching your app.

Price: monthly price for app starts from $125 (Core) and goes up to $667 (PRO).


TheAppBuilder - best Mobile app platform

A variety of apps are provided by TheAppBuilder for clients, employees, brochures and events, along with two diverse approaches. Online toolkit can be used for building app. You can choose between training and TheAppBuilder for defining and building your app’s structure, as well as populating it through initial content.

Through a dedicated AppLibrary, you users can be provided with window containing multiple apps. It can be customized for your own specific branding. Both private and public apps can be used with passwords and usernames. These can be distributed through app store, by using the integrated Active Directory of TheAppBuilder for enabling login through existing user groups and credentials.

You can also update your app’s content and structure, even after making it live, allowing you to update and publish unlimitedly on various mobile platforms and that too with a single click. Native Android, iPad and iPhone are also supported by this platform, as the updated can be made live in a time frame of 60 seconds after the change is submitted.

Price: available on request

Good Barber

GoodBarber  mobile app platform

An ideal platform for building apps for Android and iPhone, Good Barber provides you control over every single detail of app and it does not require any coding as well. Nine design templates, highly colorful and customizable, are provided for getting you started, along with 350 icons, as well as Google Fonts which are above 600 in number.

Apart from native Android and iPhone apps, you can also develop free web mobile versions for accessing through different phone browsers. These can be also linked to your specific domain name for making this officially your website’s mobile version.

Any time when the parameters of your app are adjusted you will receive visual feedback immediately. Unique actionable notifications can be sent for converting readers into contributors as you allow them to submit photos, videos and articles. Apps can also be organized and sections can be added, including photos, sounds, live events, videos and much more.

Price: starting from a monthly price of $16, the price for Full Plan reaches $32 for a month.

Appy Pie

App Builder Software  Mobile App platform

Another cloud based tool for creating apps, Appy Pie enables you to create apps for Android, iOS and Windows without any programming skills. These can be later published to iTunes or Google Play. No downloading or installation is required as you just need to drag and then drop pages for creating a mobile app of your own online. After completion, you will have a hybrid app, HTML5 based, that will work on every platform, even including Blackberry. Revisions can be done in real time, along with the possibility of sending push notifications, seeing live analytics, tracking location through GPS and monetizing with ads. Integration to social media sites, blogs, radio, audio and more is also possible.

Presence of an appointment scheduler makes it a useful choice for people involved in businesses like Spas, Salons and doctors. Special contact features, like QR codes and one touch call are also included. Custom code and iframes can be embedded using code page.

Price: starting from free, Platinum Plans go up to a monthly price of $33.


AppMachine  app building tool

Very easy to use and simple platform, AppMachine is used for building and designing professional apps for iOS and Android. Drag and drop interface can be used combining various building blogs, offering plenty of features, like photos, video and information. Linking your app to Twitter, Facebook and other online stores can be done through building blocks. App can be designed using your own specific style and choosing unique navigation paths, fonts, icons and colours, offering full control over layout, as well as reviewing your progress through Previewer.

Your app can be tested as you are building it and you can check its progress using your own tablet, mobile or computer. After it is tested completely and available for use, it can be published and promoted, as well as analyzing user data. Taking care of your every need when getting your app in Google Play and the app store of Apple, AppMachine proves to be highly useful.

Price: only one time fee is required, starting from $499 for Gorgeous and going up to $899 for Designer. A special option, Developer, will be soon available for $1299.


Mobile app platform  GameSalad

Now creating and publishing games for various platforms, like iOS, HTML5, OS X and Android, is easy through GameSalad. Getting started is easy with the drag and drop interface, without requiring any knowledge of programming.

An actor and scene editor are also included which is a significant feature you will be using for creating time, setting actors in any scene, as well as creating images, sounds, attributes, as well as navigation among actors. The presence of active community forum is another advantage, providing you complete advice and help from fellow game designers working independently.

After recently collaborating with Amazon, GameSalad offers easy access to various options for development, particularly optimizing these for platforms like Kindle Fire, as well as including drag and drop integration for GameCircle APIs and in-app purchase.

Price: starting from Free, the yearly price for Pro Plans reaches $299.


Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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