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Those involved in creative field are always striving to interpret the usual in a unique and innovative way. The approach, however, can vary as it can become conservative at times, while being completely elaborate at some occasions.

A logo is a sign through which people recognize and connect with a brand. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. And as it is with every other thing, companies change their logo designs to bring a fresh and new look to their brand. When an already established brand launches its new logo design, then the usual reaction is negative. However, the same design becomes more acceptable with time. Here we introduce the biggest logo redesigns launched in the month of August, which are surely striving to offer a fresh perspective.

Sundance Festival

Sundance LogoBeing a world renowned event, Sundance film festival is eagerly awaited by many. Recently the event, as well as the agency that organizes it, Sundance Institute, went through a major branding makeover. It has been possible due to the efforts of Paula Scher of Pentagram. The image makeover included a new logo design which has been designed for the festival which will take place next year. This new design is a perfect replacement for the block letter logo design, which was being used since 2005.

TGI Fridays

TGI Friday New Logo

The TGI Fridays logo has been revamped and given a more clean and contemporary look which will represent its restaurants located around the world. The trademark stripes and colour scheme have been retained, while the new logo looks much more streamlined and intact in a rectangle. While the earlier logo used letters in both title case and sentence case, the new logo uses all letters in capital and even the punctuation has been eliminated from Friday’s.



colorado new Log DesignColorado had a seal and state flag since many years, however it was not considered to be a unified brand. This is about to change with the newly introduced logo by Evan Hecox, a designer at Denver. This logo is quite simple and includes a triangle in white and green, a snow peak on top and has the letter CO under it. It is made to resemble the license plate of state. The creation of this slogan and logo is accredited to the efforts of many marketing experts, graphic designers and even business leaders, who were being lead by the chief marketing officer of the state, Aaron Kennedy. Giving a new and distinct identity to the state is being considered the major inspiration behind this logo. It was found in a nationwide research that most people mistook Colorado flag to be of Chicago, whereas the license plate of the state was more easily recognized.





Certainly the most awaited logo redesign is of Yahoo. People were making their own assumptions about the colour scheme and design of the logo. However, this search giant astonished people by introducing not one but 30 different and unique logo designs. This collection has a separate logo for every single day of the month. We can say that this is a great marketing strategy that the company has adopted. It has certainly help to build excitement for its new logo design which is set to be launched on 4 September. These amazing logos have already left the users guessing as what the final logo will look like, however there is still some wait before we can see the new Yahoo logo.


Air Asia Japan 

vanillaair New Logo

AirAsia exited from the investment it made in AirAsia Japan in June 2013, thus making it a wholly owned ANA subsidiary. The company unveiled a new name this month, eliminating the bright red logo design and bringing in the new and refreshing looking, Vanilla Air, which uses a more subtle colour scheme of yellow and blue, although resembling the Walmart logo a bit. This company focuses on global travellers, while specially emphasising on resort destinations. Choosing the best logo design was not an easy task, as it involved a lot of time and efforts. It spent around six weeks going through 200 names which were provided by several agencies. Out of all these Vanilla Air as finalized as the new company name, which according to Tomonori Ishii, the president of the airline, is very cute and is loved by everyone.

As we have discussed the logo designs recently launched by some prominent companies renowned around the world, it is clear that redesigning the logo definitely gives a new look and appeal to the brand. It is a great way to add a fresh perspective without changing much. It does not stop here, as many other companies are also treading on the same path and in no time, we will be able to find out what their logo design ideas have in store for us. Till that time, it is a great learning opportunity for creative designers as well, as they can evaluate the new trends which are emerging in the logo design world. They can make significant improvements in their skills, by analyzing what consumers like and what not and how they can catch the attention of target audience by giving a new colour and look to the logo of their brand.


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