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It’s the age of mobile games, and there is no doubt about it. If you’re already into mobile gaming or just starting – it’s pretty safe to say that you are in a booming industry.
If you’re a small agency or an Indie game developer there would come a time (probably after your second or third game) where you would want the fastest turnaround for your game development. You would not want to spend much time starting everything from scratch. There is just not enough time and resources as hand. The first place to start, would be to figure out if you can get a head start on the design phase of your project.

buy 3d models

Morpheus Knows..

What if i told you…(nah… i should let the image speak)
Yes, you can buy really high quality 3D models specially made for mobile games. Now what does this “specially made for mobile games” mean? Aren’t  all 3D models same? The answer is NO. 3D models typically differ from Low Poly & High Poly and are used based on which machine the game would be played on. To sum it up very quickly – High Poly models are used for PC games (with high end graphics card) and Low Poly models are used for your typical mobile devices for a simple fact that the processing power is still not that strong in these devices.

Anyhow, jumping to the motive of the post. Where do you buy really cool models which save you hell lotta time and money. Here goes.



I personally bought my first set of models from this website, as the time was extremely short for a project. You will find tons of sets on 3drt and the best part is that most of them are already rigged and animated. Cool eh! – These models come with different animations and if you are using software’s like Unity 3D, giving animations to actions becomes a breeze. The one downside of 3drt that i can think of is the pricing, as normally packs range from $150 to $199. You also don’t have the freedom to buy only the characters you wish to purchase, and have to resort to the entire pack – which can put a dent in your wallet. Insider tip – Join their facebook page for regular deals and discount coupons, and incase you are unlucky – you can always email them for a coupon code. .
[stag_button url=”http://www.3drt.com” style=”green” size=”small” type=”round” target=”_blank”]Visit 3drt[/stag_button]

3Docean3D Ocean

3D Ocean is a decent website to obtain low poly models, though i would not say that it’s a really successful website looking at it from a 3D artists point of view. You can find packs of low poly city models, mythical creatures and environments. It’s always good to see what artists are coming up, especially if you are looking for models with hand painted textures. (They look FANTABULOUS!!! in a game)  You have the option to purchase single items and packs as well. Having a look through the collection might just give you some cool ideas for your next game! Insider tip – Make sure you look at the POLY count of the character before clicking the buy button.
[stag_button url=”http://digitallyy.com/?ref=digitallyy” style=”green” size=”small” type=”round” target=”_blank”]Visit 3D Ocean[/stag_button]


dexsoftDexSoft Games

Dexsoft has been around for a good amount of time. Their packs are really high quality and you can go crazy thinking of game ideas just by looking at them. Trust me, sometimes the process of making games can be totally opposite. I have personally come up and made games by this reverse method of looking at 3D models and then making the entire game concept. The packs from DexSoft include a single model in various poly counts. As per quality and texture the models of high poly and low poly don’t differ much and in-fact they are just as good in low poly.  Insider tip – Do check for the packs that DO include low poly models in them. They have a PDF file attached to the packs for preview which give you a good idea as to what you are about to buy. The prices for the packs are fair as well.
[stag_button url=”http://www.dexsoft-games.com/models/index.html” style=”green” size=”small” type=”round” target=”_blank”]Visit Dexsoft-Games[/stag_button]


The collection at BitGem is not that big, but the reason i mention it here is because i loved the high quality of textures on the models. The artist hand paints the textures and in a small 3D game, they can do wonders for the look and feel. How do i put it? It gives a game that required edge. The sets for Dungeon and other environments are really cool, and could seriously bring down your development time. Costing for packs is fair and if you go through the artists blog, there are some really interesting models that are upcoming. This makes BitGem an important website in my radar. Insider tip – Some of the work by Bitgem is available both at 3D Ocean as well as Unity Store.
[stag_button url=”http://shop.bitgem3d.com/” style=”green” size=”small” type=”round” target=”_blank”]Visit BitGem[/stag_button]


unityassetThe Unity Asset Store

The Unity Asset Store is the mecca of speeding up your development. No only will it give you tons of options for low poly models, but it can give you tons of tutorials, freebies and even completed projects. If you develop in Unity, then have a look around the asset store and be blown away with the amount of stuff designers and developers have put in. I have downloaded tons of stuff and made some rocking games using the packs the Asset Store has to offer.  Insider tip – Weekend sales are always worth waiting for.
[stag_button url=”http://unity3d.com/asset-store/” style=”green” size=”small” type=”round” target=”_blank”]Visit Unity Asset Store[/stag_button]


miracle_studiosMiracle Studios 

There will be times when ready-made 3D models would simply not cut it. It could be due to a typical project you are working on, which requires custom model creation. What do you do in such a scenario? The best idea to save time and money is to outsource your design job to another agency. I have worked with Miracle Studios (A design studio out of India) for some projects, and the work done by them has been really great. The models are impressive and they pretty much are well aware of the kind of poly count you would need for the project. Working with them saved me both time and money. Insider tip – Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want. Giving references and examples for the kind of models you require, would help you a lot.
[stag_button url=”http://www.miraclestudios.in/start-your-project.htm” style=”green” size=”small” type=”round” target=”_blank”]Visit Miracle Studios[/stag_button]


So that’s pretty much it for this post. Hope it helps you guys to create your next chart topper. If you liked the article, please consider sharing it or if you have any questions – post a comment below.

Till next time!




Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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