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Website is the direct marketing tool that is your face to the world. This socially enabled world where the user starts the research much before you approach him with your telemarketing and emails. You have to make sure your website is constantly updated and it shows your best to the world. The website presents an experience that user will love if you do it right. You need to make sure, your users are happy to come to your website because it answers all their questions in a way that is simple and effective.

Very few businesses today do not have a website. However, the websites require frequent redesigns and content updates to stay relevant for the new consumer. This blog will talk about top 5 things to keep in mind when you decide to redesign your website:

1.  Be Responsive

be responsive


With people on the go, these devices are replacing desktops. Being able to set website priorities for a mobile or tablet will ensure your user base find what they need quickly. These devices have smaller screens and this makes brevity Moreover, you need to always decide what gets a higher priority in the order of the page. Viewers do not like to scroll down too much. Take it easy on them.

2. Take care of your SEO Efforts


Google hummingbird has made sure the natural content gets priority. Not contrived, SEO focused content that is so unreadable that it makes no sense. What is needed though that you care about your titles, meta tags and other SEO parts to make sure your website is ranking high above.

3.  Keeping It Clean

keep it clean

Viewers have shorter spans. You have to fight information overload. The easiest way is to keep your viewers hooked through clean interfaces, so he quickly finds whatever he is looking for and is not turned off by the clutter on your website.

4.  Audience First

Audience first

This is the consumer’s world. Keep him on top whenever you decide to redesign your website.

5.  Global Prospective 

Global Prospective

No longer is the business restricted by geographical boundaries. If you are on the web, you are global. You have to make sure your website is global too. In look, feel, thinking, strategy, tactics and offerings.

We hope you do all this and more whenever you decide to revamp your website. Psst  we know even more tricks that will wow your website visitors. Want to know more? Just call us or contact us now to get in touch with our experienced website designers. Till then have a look at Microsoft’s awesome redesigned website that is currently our inspiration.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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