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Creating a brand identity is easier than it seems to be. Here we present you tips shared by experts for creating a new brand.

Things can become somewhat daunting as you are asked by a client for creating a brand identity, whether it is for his service, product or an event. However, the process can become a lot simple and easy if you know how to use the skills that you learnt during your career in a unique and effective way. To get you started, here we have compiled a few expert tips aimed at developing a brand identity which will benefit both, your client and you as well.

Start Strategics from the Beginning


Planning and strategist should be your first step whenever you start a new project. Before beginning to start working on creating a new brand identity, it is better to come up with a strategy for setting a proposition and values which is agreeable to both, you and your client. If this process is skipped, then it can become difficult for the client to assess the related creative aspects as there will be no benchmark.

Make Sure to Have a Briefing

In case the creation of design concepts is initiated without involving thorough briefing about the brand, both the client and designer will begin to rely too much on the solution’s instinctive idea. It can prove risky as their feedback might be subjective. Brief which has been created using a clear and simple brand strategy will enable both the parties to take rational decisions regarding the design.

Do Good Research


It is better to have good understanding of the new brand, as well as its history, beliefs and function. Every brand is different and a strategy that worked wonders for one brand might not be good for some other brand. Therefore make sure to analyze everything like who your client is, what his company is all about, which is their targeted market, what image it wants to portray, how it would like to be perceived, as well as the outlets and platforms where it should be promoted.

Understand their Expectations

To ensure that the process you have adopted will generate result according to what your client expects, it is essential to first understand their expectations. It can prove to be a very valuable task, if you ask your client to carry out his own research and explore reference for his branding. It will also help you know about their likes and how well they know and understand the design.

Evaluate the Competition

Keep an eye on what kind of visual styles, typefaces and colors the rivals are using. It will help you create something which will be actually unique and that will stand apart from all of them. Pay attention to various uses, sizes and colors incorporated in your design. Then take a moment and evaluate it all from client’s perspective.

Do not Rely too Much on Logo

dont rely on Logo

Although a logo can be an integral factor holding together the brand’s identity, making it easy to recognize, but it should be remembered that there are many other things apart from the logo. At such times, it is crucial to keep in mind the big picture and the way various small elements interacting with each other.

Never Ignore Your Client

Irrespective of the number of years you have spent in the industry, the client has better understanding of his products. Rushing with vague visuals in your mind, might help you earn accolades from your colleagues; however it might not be what the client expects to see, as it might not be suitable for his brand.

Practice Restraint

exersice restraint

The first and most crucial step in the creation of brand identity is the understanding of your client’s needs. Overcomplicated the things by using too many elements can do more bad than good. By using a limited number of colors, typography and details, you will be able to create a simple yet effective identity for a brand, which has the potential to grow and modify according to the changing requirements of your client.

Look for Something Special

If you are not able to identify the most significant and special feature of the product you are promoting, then you are missing a great chance which can not only help you to create a better connection and relationship with your target users but can attract new customers. By getting this part right, you can achieve a lot, however, your one mistake can have a considerable negative impact on the whole process and its development.

The above mentioned tips can make a huge difference to the way you utilize your knowledge and bring your skills into use for crating a great and everlasting brand identity for your clients.


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10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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