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It is not easy to create mobile apps which are responsive, quick and match the highest web standards. Here is a useful guide to help to incorporate the right technology to give a competitive edge to your next app.

Mobile app development has evolved considerably. Everything can be accessed on the small screen of your smart phone, however there is the risk of losing connectivity or low battery. Crossing these hurdles is crucial to create something worthwhile.

To make it easier for you to get started here is a list of some popular tools, libraries and frameworks. Although the basic concepts are the same, but mobile app development involves some specific requirements in terms of performance and testing.

DOM Frameworks

If you are planning to creating something interactive for the web platform then a web language like JavaScript is a must to work along with DOM or Document Object Model. However, it can prove to be very tricky. With the advent of modern browsers things have become quite powerful and consistent. If you definitely require DOM framework, then jQuery can be a good choice, as it is reliable, tested and easy to adopt. Another benefit of using it is that it can work well on various web browsers of mobiles.

CSS Frameworks

It is definitely not easy when you have to authorize and test CSS for various browsers used on different devices. This task can be simplified with the use of open libraries which make it easy to test and fix the bugs.


Twitter Bootstrap is fast becoming a preferred choice, due to its wide range of plug-ins, extensions and documentation supported by community. Everything that you might require has been added to it, even plenty of UI controls, as well as a responsive grid.

ZURB Foundation

ZURB Foundation is another popular choice, as it has responsive design as its architecture’s core talent and it proves to be ideal for rapid prototyping. It has a long list of various controls, which are completely responsive. However you will require JavaScript for using these controls, which implies that you will depend on jQuery too.


If you are looking for an exclusive CSS library for crating clean and fast apps then Topcoat is the answer which aims at delivering unmatched performance. The reason which makes customised builds and upgrades with right dependency and control much easy is the fact that every control has been separately tracked and revisioned.

JS Frameworks

Your next application can also become the victim of poor structure and code organization. However, this problem can be solved with JS frameworks which make structuring and extension of web apps very easy.


Backbone can be credited for bringing revolutionary changes in the better encapsulation of code and organization. The reason for the popularity of Backbone is that the code is very short, easily readable and documented well. There is a very easy and simple to understand event system, which allows you to work on the application the way you require.


Angular is a lot more then conventional code organization, and includes rich databinding which is two way. Your HTML can be augmented with attributes while building an application. You can find considerations for forms, modules, localisation and a lot more. The best factor of Angular is its ability to work easily with any library of your choice without involving much dependency.


Another new introduction, Ember provides strong opinions about every part of the architecture of your application. Its simplified worldview allows you to separate your concerns in view, templates, models, a router and controllers.

Complete UI frameworks

The frameworks included in this class include both CSS and JavaScript to work simultaneously and offer a complete development experience. These solutions not only help you get started but also provide developers a completely unique experience. The only concern is that you will be required to opt for tools for building and development which are included in the stack.

Useful Utility Libraries

Diversity of web is definitely its most appealing attribute and this open web community signifies this with its vast and ever evolving bundle of tools, frameworks and libraries. While a few among these things do not fit anywhere else, still these are important for creating apps which areĀ  quick and easily manageable.

HTML5 Boilerplate

Starting on a blank page is the most crucial and complex part which can leave you confused. It can be simplified with HTML5 Boilerplate. You can start your hacking as Boilerplate helps you to combine various bits into an organized package. This is great if you are unable to decide where to start.


If the web app you are developing involves old browsers, then with Modernizr you can pinpoint the features of modern browser for polyfilling. Although several organizations version lock to past, however, it does not mean that your could also has to do that.


Underscore is a must if you want to make coding easy to read as well as understand, along with plenty of helpful JavaScript functions. At times you might not require all the functions. In that case you can access a system compatible with API offered by LoDash, which assures customized builds and better performance. Removing bytes will not have any effect on performance and the attention to detailing can bring considerable difference to your mobile app.


Another problem faced by developers is of dependency management. However you can take the help of RequireJS for putting together browser friendly sensible builds. Although you might still have to compose the app as per your requirement, but most of the complex applications can be simplified with it.

Mentioned above are only a few from the long list of tools which can help to simplify your mobile application process and ensure better results. You should take into consideration the requirements of the application, as well as the caliber and capability of your team to make the best use of the available tools and get results better than expected

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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