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Creatures are what populate the famous movies, cartoons and comics. Creatures take the story forward and entire fan following.

But, there times when while creating the creatures, the creator gets stuck. Get unstuck with a little help from us and James Clarke.

Creatures are deeply rooted in reality and a good understanding of form, anatomy, reality, lighting, silhouettes go a long way in making your creatures highly believable and maybe even likeable.

Getting Inspired

Inspiration for a good form takes time. But, if you look hard enough, help is not far. Andrew Baker of the Weta Workshop says, “ For reference, there’s nothing better than seeing the real thing.  A trip to the zoo, life drawing classes, bone replicas – seeing and touching your subject, or the inspiration for your subject, goes a long way.”

creature 1

 Another noted designer, Simon Webber of the Avatar fame says, ” blogs and the community are good sources of inspiration. “Regularly, I use CGHub for inspiration from other 3D artists and ZBrushCentral for inspiration and to keep up on software-related developments and events.”

These are experts in their fields and what they say is quite true!

You can also look at other artists and movie for inspiration.


Your ultimate design resides a lot on the technology that you use to create the design. There are many software package and plug-ins that offer different work flow that can impact the final design. Many well known designers avoid novelty plug ins and rely on their in born talent of drawing and paper!.

Creature 3

This process helps them better visualize what needs to be created. A choice of tool is Zbrush which many designers rely on to perfect their work. Adam of Weta Workshop uses the Standard, Move, and Clay brushes, as he gets better results because he can sculpt most details by hand rather than using alphas.

Being Believable

Your creatures will only hit a node with the audience when they are believable and fantastical. You need just the right balance to make them seem scary, funny, nice, unique and make the audience think that these creatures surely exist!

As Adam puts is, “”Every creature needs to be grounded in reality or people will not relate to it. I think an easy one is a biped or quadruped, which offers an easy to read silhouette and forms.”


Also, you need to be very clear with the anatomy that you are designing. Trying to add too much to the creature will only cause confusion and the audience will not like what they see. Simple creatures with a lot of contrast features are best. Especially when you want to attract attention to very specific parts of his presence.

Getting Physical

There is nothing like the real world around us for perfect inspiration. When you go out and look at the world there are so many live forms for your inspiration. The hybrids of bats and men. Trees and Lizards and so on, have only been created using these time tested technique. He secret is to keep your brain open and let your brain absorb everything. You might be surprised with the kind of ideas you can get just by remembering all that you have absorbed and are reflecting upon while rest or while doing something non art related!

Best creatures are created when you as an artist let your imagination run wild and use every possible input for getting inspired, while also being rooted in reality.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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