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Many of the company websites you see these days, especially the ones involved in B2B, seem stuck in a static past, before the advent of social media  or smart phones. Here we give you a few ideas to reinvent your website.

Websites are a highly powerful tool for businesses, acting as first port of call for their customers. Despite their relevance and importance, many websites are still stuck in the pre mobile phase, as their users are struggling with outdated interfaces and styles which are definitely not easy to navigate.

how to redesign website

Many industries and companies are making it further difficult for their uses. Here we are discussing the areas where they are wrong and the ways in which they can improve. Just like many other services oriented sites, car dealership websites scale differently on the scale of user friendliness. In order to convince their customers to spend enormous money, car dealers are required to provide a lot of information.

However, it is hardly the case as not many websites are good at providing crucial information in easily accessible manner. Browse a few car dealership websites and you can surely notice the things mentioned below:

Broken navigation making it time consuming and difficult to find relevant pages

Absence of options for online booking of test drive or availability of information about service centre locations

Flash banners and pop up advertisements

Audio or video on autoplay

Little or no effort for linking website to social media networks which will make the feedback shared by previous customers accessible to new users

Confusing or no call to action

Lack of customer testimonials

User friendly development

Not many B2B websites are actually clear about the concept of user friendly development and thus they keep on delivering old fashioned and outdated designs and aesthetics. B2B sales process are quite long, involving plenty of stakeholders, which is certainly not like consumer sales.

B2B customers have also evolved considerably since past few years and they carry out extensive research both online as well as offline before making any buying decision. Thus they consume extensive content in the form of videos, case studies, reviews, social medial analysis, blogs and whitepapers.

Rather than incorporating new content on their website, many B2B companies are still using age old brochure format, besides a static website. Their inability to keep their websites updated is resulting in the form of lowered returns on the investments they made. There is still hope for these companies as they can follow below mentioned tips for developing their websites:

Redesigning the website for making it more engaging, no matter which device it is being viewed on

Avoid outdated technologies and adopt open source technologies

A well developed homepage, specifically around headline and the call to action

User friendly navigation is must, especially for those website which involve many categories of products or services.

Use footer for adding text sitemap

Make quality content more prominent on homepage. Whitepapers and case studies are very effective for lead generation and conversion

Use of short videos, particularly for demos of products

Financial sector

Finance industry and banking are two of the most prominent sectors alienating their customers. Although every bank claims to offer the services of online banking, still most of them are facing issues which are letting their customers and users down.

Security holes are the most prominent weakness of bank websites. Threats are being faced by bank around the world, whether in the form of SQL injection attack in front end or assaults on the infrastructure of backend.

There are many example, such as an incident which took place last November. The entire database of the Bank of Jerusalem was hacked and deleted by an unknown hacker. The impact of such an incident is not limited to loss of money, as even the confidential data of customers is at risk. Thus banks not only lose their reputation but customer satisfaction as well. This makes it crucial for banks to provide complete security at both, front end as well as backend.

Websites are often the first and sometimes last places for making impressions. If users are not much familiar with the company, then they will analyze it by looking at its website. It is crucial for businesses to ensure that their sites are up to the mark, other they can risk losing conversions, customers, sales and as well as their reputation.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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