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Let’s check out the tutorials, which will help you to develop an incredible vector art.

A vector art is a unique creation that is based on geometric shapes and developed with the help of vector image software like Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop. If you are planning to create your own vector art, then here we are presenting some of the useful tutorials that will help you to achieve your aim.

Pen tool

Firstly, you need to master the pen tool to develop the perfect vector art. This inclusive tutorial present amazing features and techniques that is essentially required in this.

Sketching the vector graphics

You need to learn how to develop simple and organic shapes to create amazing vector graphics. Moreover, add texture to the vector art to enhance its outlook and dimension. There is a popular video created by Alexandra Cecilio, which will help you to learn how to add textures.

Developing faces

Develop a vector eye: This tutorial familiarize you with the process of creating a vector eye including skin shading from a photograph. After this, you need to create a line-based vector portrait. Ruslan Khasanov present you a tutorial that will show you effective ways to operate vector line work and gradients to get the rare sense of movement in your work.

Geometric, WPAP vector portrait

With the emergence of geometric trend, it can be said that WPAP will effectively undertake the aspects of design. With the help of this tutorial, you can get the clear idea on how to create WPAP portraits in Illustrator.

How to vexel hair?

It can be little tricky to deal with the hair. And this tutorial will help you to perfectly transform hair into vector art from a photograph.

After this, you need to create a self-portrait in a geometric style. This tutorial will help you to create an amazing portrait that too in geometric style. You can use your own picture as a base of illustration and sketch from that to obtain the final picture.

Cool characters

How to create vector characters in the illustration?

A character has the capacity to make your work more familiar. Peskimo describes the whole process of making your creative designs from a sketch to a vector artwork.

Creating a vector art cartoon character

Do you want to make your cartoon character a reality? If yes, then simply follow this vector art tutorial to make your dream come true.

This tutorial will help you to make a creative and entertaining stencil which can be used on various surfaces that involve walls, canvas bags and t-shirts. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, this design can be efficiently developed in Adobe Illustrator.

Develop a cool vector Yeti character

Here is the interesting tutorial that will teach you how to successfully use basic shapes to achieve a stylish illustration. In this way, you can make your Yeti character into a reality by using a palette of cold colors.

Construct vector anime character in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn the process of developing a perfect anime character. This will help you to sketch and vector Kawaii Vampire Chibi in the Illustrator. Mary Winkler has effectively explained how to develop a chibi character from scratch by simply using the Pen Tool, Shape Builder Tool, transparent gradients, and many more in Adobe Illustrator.

Develop a cute bunny vector character

In this tutorial, you will learn to create an adorable bunny character. In this, you will use simple yet effective shapes and gradients that can be easily applied to other character illustrations.

How effectively vector a set of character poses

This tutorial will show you how to perfectly create a character for your video game. It is essentially important to work from the initial sketch to come up with the final artwork.

Develop a cartoon snail character

Here you will learn the effective ways to develop a cool snail character.

Effective methods

Develop retro car vectors: In this creation, you need to use inks and brushes to create an image of a car into a vector illustration.

Cover up a vector for giving it unique effects: By using Illustrator’s Pen tool, Tom Pac exposes the creative tips to develop a drip-effect portrait. It will also provide you amazing layering procedures to help you in developing a vector art.

Design a sliced kiwi fruit with one shape

In this tutorial, you will learn to develop a sliced piece of a kiwi fruit by simply using the appearance panel. The final picture includes exact four anchor points. Let us check out each step to learn how to create a successful design.

Vector polishing methods: This tutorial will teach you how to add color, depth and texture into the vector art.

Design a retro Batman logo: To create the most amazing Batman logo with the help of simple shapes in your illustration.

Craft a vector landscape environment: During this tutorial, you will learn how to develop a dramatic vector landscape environment.

Check out the Artist William Beachy tutorial that will describe different methods and techniques required to excel in transforming a hand-made sketch into an amazing vector illustration.

Then, try to develop the vector halftone effects, which is a creative way to replicating a monochrome picture by incorporating dots of different sizes. This is the most difficult thing to achieve in vector illustration. After this, you need to convert a bitmap to a vector image by using the Inkscape’s Trace Bitmap function.

After going through this process, you need to generate a vector image slider, which is the most common part of web design. Moreover, use brushes to merge a photo with unique cool vector art effects to come up with amazing design.

While giving it a final touch, try to create vector clouds and vintage vector textures to make your creation the most perfect and successful.

By simply following the above mentioned tips and tutorials, you can effectively create a simple and effective web ribbon using Photoshop.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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