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Are you searching for the latest SEO Tools? Do you have any idea how these tools can make or break your web business? Today, we are going to discuss about the significance of SEO tools and how do they work to promote your business or product worldwide.

Nowadays, internet marketing is the basic requirement of every business. If you are looking forward to enhance your business prospects, then make sure that you are following the right footsteps and adopting perfect SEO tools to improve the visibility of your website.

These days, almost every business has official website that represents their brand or services. But the most crucial task is to maintain its web presence. If you are also facing such situation, then here we are introducing the latest SEO tools that will help you to improve the ranking of your website and also provide useful tips to enhance your web business all over the globe.

Keyword Planner

The keyword planner is the first and the foremost SEO tool, which includes keyword research and audience profiling to provide you precise information to improve your website ranking. The number one search engine giant has introduced this effective SEO tool, replacing the old version of Google Adwords Keyword tool. Instead of simply clicking at the search button, check out the search options which appear when you type a particular keyword in it.

keyword planner tool
This may give you an idea about the keywords people are searching for. With this, you can choose the most relevant keyword for your website.
Also, you can try other SEO tool known as Ubersuggest, proposed by Google API. From there, you will easily get the list of desired keywords in proper sequence according to their search volume. There are a number of tools available for Keyword search, however not all of them are effective to help you out. It is your responsibility to choose the best Keyword tool that proves to be beneficial for your website.

Keyword Tracking Tool

keyword Tracking toolWhen it comes to monitoring the organic traffic, you have a wide range of keyword tracking tools that help you to track down the visibility of your keyword and website ranking. GetStat is one of the best keyword monitoring tools that effectively help you to find out the exact rank of your website along with the detailed report. In case, you are working at diverse location, here we introduce you with Search Lattle, a perfect tool that assists you to check ranking while sitting in any part of the world. This keyword monitoring tool not only helps you to easily track your ranking but also saves your precious time which is otherwise spent on this process.

Search Engine Accessibility Tool

moz - search analytics toolMerely designing a website is not enough, but to maintain its presence by analyzing the web pages and resolving issues, such as unorganized layout, missing HI tags and other page concerns are the most crucial part that needs to be done. To avoid such issues, Moz.com has introduced PRO toolset with deep site crawling facility. This toolset provides you weekly updates to crawl your data along with the user interface that help you to know about the errors and warning signs occurred in your website. Moreover, it is quite easy to access and anyone with basic SEO awareness can use this tool without any hassle. It includes a wide range of offerings that fulfills the progressive SEO campaign solution, such as you data export, social monitoring API services, and link analyzing.

Social Analytic Tool

socialcrawlytics tool

If you are searching for a perfect social analytic tool, then Social Crawlytics is one such name that provides you social metrics for each page, along with author popularity and a collapse of page level shares by social networking options. Apart from this, Topsy is one more name that acts as a powerful tool to search any social profile or page on networking sites with the help of URL or any search term. Fresh Web Explorer is another great social monitoring tool that perfectly compares references related to your favorite terms search over the internet.

Link Analysis, Tracking and Reporting Tool

In SEO process, link analysis is considered a constantly changing region. And with the emergence of Google’s recent update, known as Penguin algorithm update, the frequency of this constant change has augmented to a great extent. To check the on page linking of your website, you can use Check My Links, one of the chromium extensions that also act as a useful tool for broken link building process. Scraper is another wonderful SEO tool that contributes to fetch URL’s in groups from web pages.
These are some interesting and effective tools that make your search engine optimization process more powerful and result oriented. If you have been trying hard to improve the ranking of your website with no success, then it’s time to change your techniques and tools to make a difference. The above mentioned gears are the best SEO tools that indicate positive results and are also cost effective that saves your money and time.

The list does not end here. We will be back with more tools and great strategies to improve your SEO process and also to enhance your web presence all over the globe.


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10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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