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Booty Call is a short film animated by 16 animators of Europe, along with a director named Kenny Roy from LA within 10 days. Here you can explore how they were able to do it and what the final version looked like.

A prominent networking and training platform for 3D animation, Anomalia is an initiative started for educating the Central European designers and artists in the latest 3D animation, as well as filmmaking. The very first workshop was delivered in Prague by Kyle Balda and Isaac Kerlow, who formerly worked for Pixar and Disney respectively, in 2008. Till now Anomalia has been credited for provided a unique classroom experience in Litomysl of Czech Republic every summer.

Strongly emphasising on team collaboration and project development, Booty Call gathered a team of 16 student animators. David Tousek shares that how they try and offer new topics in every summer session, as well as challenge themselves by trying different things never attempted by anyone before, while collaborating with many experienced professionals. He further adds that how they realize that it seemed like a worthwhile effort to initiate a course on Short Film Making and animate a film within 10 days.

Work on this concept was started at Anomalia one year before launching the course and finally everything narrowed down to this simple story in which a former pirate tries steaking a treasure from rival crew.


According to Tousek, they were able to bring together 16 highly talented animators who showed interest in this event after they spread the word about making this animation film across the community in Europe.

Pirate Copies

Once the concept was set, the work started for designing the main character which is a pirate. Jan Zivocky, a character designer, joined them and shared several of his inspiring idea. Finaly they were able to create a pirate character known a Babinsky. The first impression of the character was not very close to what they were trying to achieve. As Banbisky was to be the lead character, thus he was designed to be strong. It is also easy to bring in weight and add a few charismatic traits with a character which is fuller and strong.


The style of animation used was quite different from the one used by Tousek, which is more leaning towards the classical puppetry. They gave enough freedom to the animators for improvisation and use their imagination. In a few days, animators were trying new techniques for achieving possibilities beyond an actual puppet’s capabilities. Within a few days, even other animators were trying to push the boundaries and do something different from the conventional CG style. The results were really amazing for all to see.

International Schooling

The layout, as well as the modular props and set, were created by the team of Roy at their studio in LA, Arconyx Animation Studios. In their opinion the toughest job is the one for which you have the least time.


In this case, there were a few animators with no prior experience of working in production pipeline. Thus a considerable amount of energy and time were spent on conforming innumerable shots, to fix the rigs, rig the props, prepare layouts for the animators.

Apart from being executive producer, Tousek worked on modelling as well, along with Jan Zivocky, a character designer and Victor Vinyals, a rigger, for creating the lead character. Besides working on the animation of two shots, he also lit and rendered the Booty Call once the Anomalia event reached its end.

Recalling his experience Tousek admits that if they have done lighting prior to animating the short, they could have been able to save a lot of time and spend that time on experimenting. Also if he was given another chance to produce this short film, he would prefer to work more on developing the look and establishing lighting rig which could be slotted more easily within the shots. As more emphasis was on animating the lead character and the entire ambiance, thus modelling, rendering, lighting and set assembly was really simple.


Animation software Maya was used for Booty Call, as every animator was familiar with it and even the course was aimed at improving their technical skills. The concept of animators joining hands to produce a short in such an educational setting is definitely new. With the success of this event, their team is already focusing on developing similar events in future as well.

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