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Six topmost animation studios have joined hands for creating the first superhero of London and now he is all set to be revealed.


It took many weeks, for so many talented brains to create plenty of ideas and finally the superhero of London is ready to come to life.

Over the period of four weeks and multiple sessions, six studios toiled day and night, as their animators in London participated in a contest requiring them to create quick animations in the presence of audience. They were asked to use the latest technology, HP Workstation for creating ten second long clip and depict another side of the life of a superhero, beginning from his birth.

Looking forward to see how the actual animation would come up after being edited, spectators and animators joined at ZED, the pop-up studio of HP for professionals in creative field for London’s Hero Closing Event.

Again John Fiorelli from Cut&Paste played host to the event, extending his welcome to animators and representatives of six different studios. The anticipation and excitement surrounding the reveal was definitely high as the teams representing Golden Wold, Blackmeal, Territory, Mummu, Fred & Eric and Animade had not viewed many of the style frames created by each other.


Animation was flawless. It started with the superhero depicted as a baby and created by Blackmeal of Paris. The presence of pigeons and umbrellas as a primary theme was really fascinating. The audience found the concept very amusing, where our hero tries to save himself from droppings of dreaded pigeons of London by creating an umbrella with his super powers.

Next was the childhood stage created by Mummu. Our hero again becomes the victim of London pigeons, this time Trafalgar Square as the backdrop. The pigeon turns huge as he loses control of his powers, but our hero is able to transform it from a beast and into his companion.

Presenting a radical transformation from the earlier stages, the teenage years of the hero’s life were displayed by Fred & Eric and for this they used a stop motion model which was handmade. While our hero does not show any interest in the responsibilities entrusted upon him, his absence is having a dramatic effect on the city of London, visible from the window of his bedroom.

Next our hero is depicted in his prime or the stage of Young Adult by Animade, using black and white and a touch of crimson. He emerges as the hero, due to the super umbrella power he uses for saving London. While the red underpants are typical superhero attire, his love for London is clearly seen from the logo on his tee. However, it was the playboy style of Tony Stark that the superhero adopts here, gathering a lot of laughter from viewers.

Territory Studios enters with its 3D animation depicting the Midlife of superhero. This time futuristic London is the backdrop, while a new power of controlling time is introduced. Although the super umbrella is still by his side, the superhero goes through the typical midlife crisis. Our superhero still wears the same costume and drives his fancy car, but all this cannot hide his expanding waistline and receding hairline.

The animation reaches its end with the introduction of Senior her by Golden Wolf, as our superhero is enjoying a pint in a typical London Bar using the power of time control. Chaos created by time control is clearly visibile in the surroundings, as our hero helps himself using is umbrella, while being unable to carry on with his duties in this age.

Although you can clearly notice the differences in character designs and style which are visible at every stage, still there is continuity and consistency in the animation and it has been possible due to editing. The incredible detailing, immense talent and high quality were noticed and really appreciated by the audience who wanted the animation to be screened again immediately.

Once the second viewing was over, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience, the animators of different companies were able to ask each other questions regarding their inspiration, the way they worked, the choice of their style, as well as their views regarding the changes they would have made in the animation to present something different.

Although the entire event was a huge success, there was one aspect which was still not clear and that was the name of the new superhero. Mr. Pickles, Umbrella Man, RainMan, Bobby Umbrella and The Pigeon Protector were a few suggestions, but our hero of London might not be able to reveal his identity so soon.

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10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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