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A good design depends a lot on its color scheme. Presented here are some of the wonderful tools to make your colour choice easier.

The online world is filled with tools which claim to be the only thing you need for colour scheme selection. But usually these are just claims, without any credibility. Most of these tools are just the copies of more popular tools.

To save you from the hassle of going through thousands of tools only to find two or three which are actually the best ones, here we are presenting tools which we find the best to choose a perfect colour scheme for your design.

Mudcube Colour Sphere


This handy colour resource is considered ideal for designers, as it provides you each colour’s hex number, as well as lets you build an entire colour scheme from one shade. It also has an entire collection of themes to guide you, in case you cannot decide the colour scheme you want to go with.

Check My Colours

Check My Colour


The brainchild of Giovanni Scala, a web designer, it is a quite useful tool for web designers. Check my Colours basically let you check the colour combination of the background and foreground of every DOM element, so that you can easily determine if there is enough contrast when someone with colour deficiency views it.


Color Hunter

color Hunter

This colour tool might get overlooked initially, but it can be of great help when you are looking for a specific colour. It lets you develop you very own colour themes. All you need to do is enter an image of your choice, the colours or look of which you like, and Colour Hunter will develop an entire colour palette matching that particular image.


tin eye


To help you choose the best colour combinations, it uses an extensive database consisting of millions of images from Flickr. This fascinating tool not only lets you select numerous images having a perfect colour combination, but is also fun to use.




For creating colour palettes using URLs and images, this tool is brilliant. When uploaded to a site, it can easily and quickly extract all information regarding colours and then displays it in grid format, letting you access the HTML code of every colour by clicking on it.


Pretty IP

This unique tool is developed by Strange, a prominent design agency, and it lets you develop a complementary colour scheme, based on numbers of your IP address. It means a new colour combination every time you access it from a different IP address.



For all those who want their colour schemes to be just perfect, down to every shade, this is an amazingly useful and easy web app. You can move your mouse across the computer or laptop screen to select any colour. Scrolling will set the saturation, while it gives you the hex code you need.




You are free to select five hues in Designspiration, provided in a palette which extends to a full page. It gives you a better look at the colours you have selected and it will provide you images, from its vast database, having similar colour combination. Hex numbers are provided and you can also save the images in your individual collection on site.




This is certainly one of the most popular colour selection tools, which has transformed into an inclusive resource for generating and sharing themes from a simple web colour tool. For the users of Creative Suite, it offers plugins for all prime Adobe tools, like InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.



This tool further offers an extensive variety of tools for designing, analyzing and customizing your own colour palette. Also there are tools for determining WCAG validity of the colours you have selected, along with conversion tools for making it easier to move among different systems.

Hex Color Scheme Generator

hex color scheme genrator

If you already have a colour reference, then this tool lets you generate colours which will make a good combination with it. By pasting a hex colour value, you can get a collection of colours to choose from to go well with the base colour of your choice.

Color Scheme Designer

color scheme designers

Although quite similar to Kuler, it uses some unique ways to generate colour themes. You can choose from scheme satruration/brightness and contrast, instead of choosing single colours included in your scheme.



Offered along with other tools on COLOURlovers website, this tool is definitely worth mentioning. If you are looking for an all in one tool to generate palettes, then this is the one. Offering a complete set of tools for colour selection in a single interface, it also lets you create notes for adding to your colour palette, upload images, directly enter CMYK references, and plenty of other options to explore. You can also create your very own colour scheme by choosing from an amazing variety of diverse operations.



This tool is desktop based and lets you select one colour from inside widget area, irrespective of if you are working on Windows using Konfabulator or Mac with dashboard. It is not considered a tool for colour palette selection, however, it is quite useful as a simple tool for picking and identifying a colour, rather than requiring a complicated tool to do the same.



Initially started as Firefox plugin, it can now be accessed on the browser of Google Chrome as well. ColorZilla can be easily termed as an extension offering a wide range of tools, including eye dropper, colour picker, palette browser, css gradient generator and many more.

If you are involved in web designing or any digital media which involves colour palette generation, then the tools mentioned here will prove to be of immense help in making your task easier. You can not only do your work more efficiently but also give a unique touch to your designs. You can choose from any of these tools and get started to create unique and appealing designs, made more impressive with amazing colour schemes, which no one has ever seen or heard of before.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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