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The buzz surrounding the launch of PhoneGap 3.0 is definitely worth it, as this open source framework has been designed for making app development easier. It is loaded with improvements ranging from new tools, new APIs, good support for newer platforms, along with a streamlined architecture.

If you are still not sure what we are talking about, then here are some answers to questions that must be popping in your mind.

  • What is the PhoneGap?

PhoneGap facilitates the creation of native apps, which are designed for mobiles, involving the use of CSS, JavaScript and HTML. The option of API means that your web code can be managed easily with common web browsers. As an app developer, if you wish to reuse web skills or web code, then for all these PhoneGap is the ultimate solution.

  • What are the most significant features of PhoneGap and how are they helpful in the creation of better apps?

The excitement people feel after creating an app is incomparable and PhoneGap makes it even easier with its three simple commands.

Obsolescence is the philosophy that drives this project. This innovation adopts an extreme view towards technology being inevitable. Thus, we can say that this product has been designed to transform the web trends with better tools and API surfaces. And looking at how the packaged applications are behaving on Windows, Firefox OS, Chrome, webOS and Tizen, it can be said that the goal is being accomplished to some extent. The constant war between open source and closed systems, however, will not end so soon. But constant efforts can surely save the existence of web, considered the greatest asset of humanity.

  • What makes PhoneGap stand out from the rest?

What makes PhoneGap really unique is that more emphasis is paid to fix the defects, rather than just introducing new features and introduce something just for the sake of it. With considerable attention being paid to this product, the web industry can stay assured that every release will bring along some improvements and bugs, if any, will also not be ignored, but managed promptly.

The immense popularity and success of this product can be accredited to two factors, which are treating innovation as an integral part of software development, along with giving priority to code quality, instead of new features.

  • What is being done to ensure that PhoneGap outperforms native apps in terms of performance?

PhoneGap applications actually are the native applications. However user interface has been rendered full screen view. PhoneGap incorporates all the features and capabilities possessed by native applications, along with UI widgets. Although, this practice is not recommended as it can create apps which are only based on one platform.

Talking about performance, the technology incorporated to connect native codes to web view is around 400 operations in a second. It might not be adequate in computer world, but for humans it is definitely more than enough.

  • Does it mean that the product does not adhere to the benchmarks of ‘real world’?

The ultimate aim of developers is to create the most remarkable brand experience for users across several platforms. The web technologies being used are highly future- friendly and in sync with many operating systems, as well as screen sizes. The things required to ensure such an experience are technical expertise, careful consideration, patience and design savvy and creative approach. This holds true for every technology. Creating great designs is not easy, but the benefits of being able to capture the maximum users in as short time as possible. And it is PhoneGap which makes it come true, provided you are ready to put in the required efforts and hard work.

  • What considerations should be kept in mind by developers when creating apps for cross platforms?

Today, actual challenge lies in understanding the characteristics and features of technologies, in order to gain the maximum experience from devices which are being targeted. For example: the way CSS is being employed by people, along with the way they exercise DOM manipulation, these are proving to be the major bottlenecks currently.

This problem is not related to PhoneGap. You are given a web browser and it is you who has to decide which one to pick out of Java Script, CSS and HTML. PhoneGap works by normalizing plenty of modestly hostile operating systems, thus making us face enough problems, without requiring us to tell you how web code should be written.

  • How the current state of various mobile platforms, such as Firefox OS is affecting the industry?

Firefox OS is seen as a team consisting of revolutionaries, who are akin to bring in the next evolution in the World Wide Web. The way Mozilla has courageously attacked proprietary systems is commendable. Till some years ago Firefox OS was not even heard of, but now they have their own devices and app ecosystem. The strategies adopted by them to approach emerging web markets are amazing. And the same ideologies derive our efforts at PhoneGap.

It does not mean that Mozilla is the only game player. Apache Cordova introduced BlackBerry WebWorks which is similar project which drives PhoneGap. Even Chrome is entering this domain and has been showing its loyalty towards Apache Cordova, while eying the domain of packaged apps. Even Intel has coordinated with Samsung to work on Tizen, an operating system based on web, along with helping people at Apache.

The way Microsoft has been embracing the web through its latest offering, Windows 8, along with Windows Phone8 cannot be ignored.

The bottom line is that the future is definitely not bleak, with so many big names joining this revolutions we can definitely say that much better times are awaiting us ahead. Along with that the constant efforts of developers are sure to bring a much needed transformation in the web trends, making the future even more hopeful and full of newer possibilities. The launch of PhoneGap is only a stepping stone leading us to the much bigger aim which we plan to achieve.


Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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