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Adding images to your blog is a great way to keep your readers engrossed by catching their attention. However looking for new images to add to your blog every day is quite difficult.

This task can become easy if you know what you want and where to look for it. With right sources looking for images will become easier over time. Editing is the next step after you are able to find the images and even this can become simple with the right tools available for editing online.

How to find images?

Nothing is better than clicking images yourself for adding to your blog, but it is not possible every time. That is the reason why finding a good source for quality images which can be customized and used is so important. Here we have listed seven website to help you find the images you want.

Wikimedia Commons

wiki Media

The best place to search for photos of any kind, Wikimedia Commons is nothing less than a treasure trove if you are looking for images of current events or famous places. Whether you want an image of Eiffel Tower, an artwork by Picasso or something related to a latest protest, Wikimedia Commons is the place where you should be looking.

Flickr’s The Commons Search

Flickr  The Commons

Although similar to Wikimedia Commons, Flickr’s The Commons Search includes pictures which users share every day and can be used freely. Thus you will come across some amazing shots capturing everyday life. This is your source to find high quality images of someone walking his dog or washing his car.



Clip arts can also be a great addition to your blog and iClipart.com offers you plenty of these. Here you can find an incredible range of clip arts which are an improved version of what people usually perceive when they hear ‘clipart’. The stock here is far vaster than you will find in the usual word program, however you can access high quality images only after paying a small subscription fee.

Microsoft Office Images

microsoft office Images


You might or might not find Microsoft helpful, especially if you are looking for a specific kind of image. This site has a huge collection of images appearing like usual stock images, however it also offers an amazing selection of high quality images of generic shots. The images are displayed in categories, making it easier for you to browse.

Google Images

Google Images

This is the first option most users tend to use, however the standard search does not give you rights to use the images. What you can do is make use of search filters to look for images which you can alter and use for some commercial purpose. You can use as many images you want from this huge collection, provided you are crediting the source.



Fotolia.com is another site, like iClipart, which requires you to pay for accessing the images. However, this is really worth it as you will be amazed at the vast variety of images which do not seem as expensive if you are buying in groups or packages. Besides, you are given full right to images, so that these can be used in any desired way.

Icons Etc.

Icons Etc

Google Images might be the first source you turn to while looking for icons. However, Icons Etc. is your ultimate destination when looking for a specific type of icon. These can be used without any cost and also include those which are not visible in Google Images.

Customizing Images

Before you can add an image to your blog, you might be required to customize it and make it appear distinctive from others. You can use any of the below mentioned websites for customizing your images.


Photo Editing

A very easy to use editing tool, PicMonkey allows you to edit your images quickly. Quotes, watermarks and various filters are also available for customizing your images.


Pixlr.com edit image

If you want more control and depth while editing, then Pixlr is your thing. It is not only simple and easy, but also enables you to edit your image and make more technically advanced changes than PicMonkey might allow.

Optimize your images

Although you do not need a particular site for this, however it is important to optimize your images by adding a title, alt tag and caption for making your images easy to find and enhance the traffic. Tactics like using Pinterest for pinning your images are great for optimizing the images, as well as increasing the chances of receiving more traffic.

Using the sources mentioned above you can find any type of image, as well as edit it to make it more suitable according to your requirement. Along with making your search for appropriate images for your blog easier, these sources also make it easy to customize and turn into something more relevant to your blog content.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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