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Are you looking for the top sites and market places to buy the App Source Codes? Are you an Appreneur ? Do you want to make money from reskinning apps? Then this article will be perfect for you as we have done all the job here and did the research to find out the Top 10 App Source Codes Marketplaces.

Here it goes the Top 10 app source codes marketplaces:


1. GameGorillaz.com is a well-known platform that excels in selling cross-platform quality source-codes. The team establishes itself like the seller of absolutely bug-free Unity 2D and Unity 3D source codes for the mobile games. They excel in their descriptions of the codes and provide prospective buyers with full documentation of the source code. The source codes ranges from small games codes to large sized game codes for newbie’s to advanced game developers. Purchasing a code from GameGorillaz.com guarantees that the game which you are going to Reskin is a successful project and will generate revenues for you . Furthermore, the crew of GG has 24/7 technical support services.



2. Chupamobile is one of the leading mobile marketplaces. Chupamobile sells codes for different apps as well as for the games. They are specialized in selling Native Android , Native iOS source codes and also Unity 3Dcodes. They have recently launched a new section in which they are selling Ready Game Assets at very reasonable prices. Chupamobile also offers free learning tutorials for developers to relish their apps development skills.



3. Bluecloud Solutions This site has been launched by Carter Thomas who teaches the users on how to earn money from apps and how to re-skin them. Furthermore, the site sells the source codes for apps and games for Android and iOS. The site provides authentic Ad revenue earned data and a 14 day money back guarantee , isn’t that cool !!. It helps all the prospective developers and source code customers to build their App business and also run it successfully.



4. On Apptopia you do not just purchase the source code, but the entire app that already exists on Google Play or iOS. It presumes that all the intellectual property rights and user bases are already included. You can buy the entire app and include it in your portfolio! Because of it, the items on Apptopia much more expensive than on the other app code marketplaces. Apptopia establishes the plenty of app templates, including games, utility and photo apps. Furthermore, they excel in providing the service that helps to relish aspects of the re-skinning and app store submission process for you for an additional fee.



5. SellMyApp tends to be an amazing platform for developers to sell or license their source codes. They provide the customers with instructions and documentation for all the codes. These manuals are transparent and even the new developers can easily re-skin the games, using the Source codes of SellMyApp. The codes are ready-to-use!



6. Next vendor is Codecanyon established by the world’s known brand Envato. The site has a broad amount of options for buying as well as selling the source codes. Selling the items here brings you good commission! It is a really good platform for getting components of famous languages and frameworks. Users who have account on Envato already, can purchase the items here via PayPal. The vendor is concentrated on impeccable quality of the items and codes. But the amount of source codes there is rather limited.



7. Flippa is a platform to buy and sell websites, but they have recently added a section for mobile games and apps. It works like Apptopia, and with entire app you also purchase the user base, property rights, marketing positions, etc. Since Flippa just recently launched the mobile app auction section, the selection could be hardly compared to the dominating sellers, but it is growing faster!



8. Avalanche Mountain Apps started with running successful Avalanche Mountain series of snowboarding games on iOS. Later they added game source codes section, that sells only few games, but they are very high on quality. The team makes the Source codes in such a way that they are easy to re-skin, providing them with amazing instructions and manuals. Furthermore, it is necessary to mention that Avalanche Mountain was one of the first codes to be sold commercially by a developer for re-skin purpose.


9. AppFresh.us sells affordable, high quality mobile game source codes from such genres as Match-3, Amazing Thief and Swing Copters type games. The games of vendor are ready to be re-skinned and they include ad networks and in-app purchases. The service has been supported by the professional programmers and developers, who guarantee their services in advance and can they answer your queries in time.

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10. RisingHigh.net presents the prospective customers high quality source codes. Speaking of games, there are endless runner games and app and puzzle games available. All the codes available, established by RisingHigh are pre-integrated with popular ad networks, they are also fully universal and iOS 8 compatible. Furthermore, RisingHigh has a great support service that solves the problems and issues and helps the customers with re- skinning, if it is necessary.


To sum up, the potential of game re-skinning is boundless! You can easily earn money with re-skinning the games and publishing them on iOS Store and Playstore! Join the right community of developers and sites, that sell the codes and establish yourself as a successful developer! Remember, you do not need any specific skills to re-skin the majority of codes and launch the games by your own.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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