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Are you looking for great designs for WordPress themes? Let me introduce you with top 15 free WordPress themes for developing amazing blogs, portfolio sites and much more.

In this modern world, new advancement and innovations are emerging in the market. And WordPress community is also getting large with each passing day. A number of people are greatly contributing to enhance the prospect of WordPress such as designer, developer, writer and other users. Apart from them, there is also a prevalent way to enhance the popularity of WordPress and that is to design and develop free themes that can charm millions of users.

To create free themes is the best way to get your blog off the ground. Users may not like the idea of investing their money on custom site design along with hosting and domain. It is essentially important to come up with some great themes in order to attain our objectives. Here we are presenting some selected WordPress themes that can help you in your projects. These themes are not only free for everyone but also provide you a great and unique experience.



Appliance is considered a flawless and excellent theme, which shows different posts in a series of panels through the page. This seems to be a code-light theme that helps to load it quickly without any difficulty. This theme includes a pleasing appearance, which makes it an ideal option for magazine style content. Here each post will include a strong image.



This is also a responsive theme, using Twitter’s Bootstrap framework with Metro Styled Accent. It distributes with three distinct templates and also supports custom backgrounds and menus.  If you are looking forward for a contemporary and clean theme excluding fussy code, then this is the perfect option for you.



Zenith is known as a responsive theme, which is a magazine-style design that contains enough space for large images. This theme includes a built-in support for Gravity Forms and ships along with several design options. It also supports custom templates and menus.



Folder is also a free WordPress theme and has a slight retro look that makes it quite interesting one. This theme is being dominated by images and considered the best responsive theme for project and product demonstration. It also includes some interesting features such as admin panel, custom project posts and a series of widgets (Twitter feed, latest post, contact form, videos and recent addition).



Xenastore is one of the best WordPress themes that seem to be quite simple yet effective and bold. Though, colors and graphical components are delicate in this theme, but it adds immense value to your site. In this, homepage includes many widget zones, which makes it quiet easy to provide unique coupons and much more benefits. Along with large featured section, one can also showcase several small products effectively.


news worthy

This one is the bold theme. It is exhibited on the popular website known as USA Today. Noteworthy includes the perfect color scheme that makes it quite modern and clean theme. Moreover, the bordering on brash and its stand-out feature makes it a vitrine area for latest updates.



Origin is a complete responsive and premium WordPress theme. It is considered a minimal and clean layout which drives viewers focus on content. There is only one free version available in this theme named as Origin lite. This free version includes two fixed column designs, a responsive gallery and also custom widgets for different categories as well as for social media networks.



vFlex is a trendy responsive theme, which is specifically designed by keeping designers in mind. This is a free WordPress theme that includes a wide range of features such as inbuilt FlexSlider, which helps you to choose featured images. Moreover, an integrated ViveOptions board supports logo upload and import/export setting along with several other features.

vFlex responsive layout has an addition advantage as, it looks fantastic on iPhons, iPad and many other devices.

Strap Slider Lite


Slider Lite is another great option, which is a responsive theme that features a huge, full-width sliding panel on top of the page. Each story appears within the slider and supports image and caption. There are some other themes also featured here and Twitter Bootstrap is used to regulate the functionality within the theme and make it extensible.

YAMINTH (Yet Another Minimal Theme)


Here is another minimal WordPress theme available over the internet. Due to its unusual image layout or design, it grabs viewer’s attraction. This theme includes an options page, which allow customization easily and free of cost for all types of projects whether personal or commercial.



Panoramica is a free WordPress theme that helps you to showcase different images in a splendid way. This theme comprehensively highlights the significance of images and its appearance can entirely modified by extensive options panel.

Moreover, this WordPress theme also includes a full-width slideshow at the homepage that perfectly attracts everyone’s focus towards it.



This is the most effective and beneficial WordPress theme. Responsive theme consumes various homepage widget spaces to include content and make it convenient to control its functioning. At the homepage, there is an option to control featured area that effectively works to feature content to WordPress.



Grid is one of the most fascinating WordPress themes, which had applied a lot of thoughts in its design. This WordPress theme can do wonders for event sites or portfolios. This includes heavy graphics, so just make sure you have the required content to back it up.



Last, but not the least, Fotofolio is also a free WordPress theme that allow content to perform its job efficiently. The design and layout of this theme is really commendable. This amazing theme allows striking images to grab viewer’s attention. The functioning and usage of the theme is quite remarkable.


bonn press

With the acceptance of extensive desktop, it has become quite easy for us to incorporate more space, which makes it easier for viewers to have a pleasant experience while reading your content. Bonpress is one such free WordPress theme, which has done a magnificent job to organize the layout while preserving the responsive functionality. This is one of the perfect WordPress themes in case you are looking for distinctive blog, website or any portfolio site.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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