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In this hi-tech era, new inventions and experiments are creating buzz in the market. Newly designed web-enabled devices and tools are emerging rapidly. These devices are specifically designed with varying resolutions, competences, interface techniques, pixel masses and much more. With this development, it has become essentially important for everyone to get friendly with these tools and make full use of it.

With the emergence of numerous responsive designs, the job of web developers has become more challenging. It is highly important for them to adopt these tools to make their work more effective and result oriented. Nowadays, it is quite significant to maintain the web presence of a business to enhance its market value. All this has forced developers to design more advanced responsive tools and techniques to meet customer’s requirement.

Today, we are introducing you with the latest responsive tools and tricks that will help you to improve your responsive journey and generate more revenueonline.

Foundation 4

Foundation web desing Tool

Foundation has been introduced by ZURB and considered the advanced front-end framework worldwide. ZURB has dedicated a lot of effort and time for developing this Foundation framework. This innovation is specially designed to track down the progressive development strategy, which will help you to know about its performance and can also take essential measures to improve its performance. This tool provides you an amazing experience to layer in complexity as per the screen size. Moreover, it also enhances the capability of the device. Along with this, the framework also supports whole library of UI mechanisms, which leads to fluent working and easily prototype the interface you are looking for. So, if you are looking for a highly responsive tool with best practices, then Foundation 4 is one such name that meets your entire requirement.



As, we all know that it requires massive moves to successfully fit design in a browser during the initial stage of designing process. It is quite difficult to interpret how a design will appear in the horde of web settings and how it will work efficiently. To begin with this process, prototyping tool requires a perfect knowledge of coding and other complicated language. To make this process easier, here we introduce Jetstrap, a graphic interface-building tool needed for Bootstrap context. With the help of this amazing tool, a designer can efficiently gather rapid prototypes in a particular browser by simply dragging UI components and drop it onto a canvas. This doesn’t require any hardcore skill for developing a web page. It makes easy for people with non-developer background to create a perfect design and also demonstrate how it will work and also provides them the whole concept of this process along with its availability.

The Style Prototype

style prototype

This is another great innovation, developed by a designer Samantha Warren to provide the essence of colors, atmosphere and typography to users. Not only this, a developer at Sparkbox took warren’s concept to the next level with the help of Style Prototype. The Style Prototype tool will allow you to check out the actual display, including color, animations, typography, and other features on your website during the final environment.


IcoMoon tool

Nowadays, everyone opts for Retina screens and with the development of time, it is becoming the custom. The trend of the retina and several other high-resolution displays are gaining immense popularity among users. With the development of this high-resolution display, bitmap icons turned into an outdated option that seems to be illegible. To avoid this problem, it is required to develop a custom icon font and embed them with CSS @font-face.

Due to the need of such tool, Icomoon has come into existence to make this process easier. It is a web tool that worked effectively to create icon fonts and easily deploys them as desired. It provides you an adequatechoice of library from where you can select icons and can upload your own icons. Moreover, you can create the custom icon fonts and even you can download a complete package, including fonts and proper CSS. Icomoon is considered extremely useful and effective tool that helps you to develop a resolution-independent experience.


Mobitest Tool

In this tech-savyworld, everybody looks for a perfect webpage that can quickly perform with a simple click. Due to this, good performance is considered an essential factor to have an amazing web experience. However, the situation is completely different and unluckily people are having a bad experience with both small screen view as well as large screen.

Mobitest is another great tool that delivers an incredible experience to its users. With this tool, you simply need to enter a web address and feel the change. This will provide you an opportunity to evaluate the performance of your website and check how much time it will take to get upload. Mobitest is one of the best tools that help you to make your design more efficient by simply assessing its performance.

The above-mentioned tools are some of the best responsive design tools that make your web page perfect and perform amazingly as desired. We will be back with more exciting responsive tools as, the list does not end here. So, stay tuned for more interesting updates.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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