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Are you aware of mind mapping tools? Do you have any idea how it works? Let’s find out how exactly it performs. A mind-mapping tool is a great device that rapidly records your personal ideas, connections and links to create a perfect idea, inspect issues or process to know about the planning, whether you are preparing to design a logo or thinking how to develop an app and much more.

Are you also looking for innovative mind mapping tools? Check out the below mentioned collection that allows you to easily explore great ideas and collaborate with your friends or colleagues to effectively come up with the ideal content. The best thing about these tools is that they are completely free of cost, so you can keep experimenting with them to find the most suitable tool for you.



Coggle is a collective mind-mapping tool that is easily available over the internet. This tool is completely free of cost and allows you to visually outline connections with a stunning condensed assembly. Concurrently, you can work with your colleagues or friends and also track down, who made changes in a particular element. You will be getting a horde of accessible features, which includes stylish image support, custom color schemes and the skill to surf through a document history and much more. Although, you can greatly yield PDF or PNG files, but viewing online maps through Coggle website proves to be quiet a pleasant experience.

Read More at: http://coggle.it/ 





This is another great tool for online mind-mapping option, including great set of features and apps equally beneficial for iOS and Android. This tool provides you a subscription service for three different levels that are based on the support level or quantity of output formats you must be looking for. Standard tools are available out there and you can also take the advantage of free trial period option where you can check the performance of this tool before finalizing it for further subscription.

Read More ;  http://www.mindmeister.com/




XMind is a known as a desktop-based mind-mapping tool and it is available either as an open source or is free to download. It offers a perfect subscription based model, providing complete support along with surplus import/export options. The ideal benefit offered by this tool includes the best software support for the Microsoft Office formats. This amazing tool effectively works with different media types and also involves the alternative to render a gantt chart.


Read More-  http://www.xmind.net/





FreeMing is also known as a great mind-mapping tool, an open source project that is written in Java and can easily get installed onto any platform having Java. This tool provides an identical user experience, having communal features for all platforms. It is quite beneficial if teamed up with a diverse Operating System. It is a compact set of features that makes it a valuable choice for users.

Read More: freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page


Mind Note

MindNode is known as a Mac-only app and considered quite simple to work with. The iOS support lets you work while moving also, all thanks to the advancement of large screen. Due to the evident amalgamation of desktop and mobiles, MindNode permits you to spread in a diversity of formats. It comprises challenging tools like FreeMind.

Read More: http://mindnode.com/



Bubbl.us is a flash-based app, which allows promptly mapping out the ideas into a linear branching style. It saves the ideas online and distributes to different formats. This web app won’t be able to run on smartphones, as it requires a flash-player. But, if you are looking to simply create a mind-map rapidly, then this may prove to be useful for you because it does not involve any complicated functionality.

Read More: https://bubbl.us/




WiseMapping is considered an open source HTML5 mind-mapping tool, which can either be installed on your web server or used on the wisemapping.com website. Due to this, it becomes the ideal choice for closed intranet inside the design-house. Its standard features are available and due to an open-source HTML5/VML/SVG-based, a web developer can easily twist and modify it as desired to meet the specific needs and requirements.



Mapul is also an online subscription service that helps you to develop mind maps in your browser. Its unusual and hand-drawn map execution makes it a unique choice, which seems to be handier than the other traditional approaches. Mapul is the development of mapmyself.com that is easily available with the Silverlight plugin. To give it a try, simply visit http://www.mapmyself.com/ and get started.



Wridea is well-known as a web-based idea management tool and alliance service. Unlike other mapping tools, it is group of tools that help you to develop ideas. Though, it is considered quite different from strict mind-mapping tools, but it can prove to be valuable for some.

Read More: http://wridea.com/

These are some of the short listed mind-mapping tools recommended by experts which can greatly contribute to accomplish your work in this field.

If you have other useful mind-mapping tools, feel free to share them with us. We would really appreciate your feedback.


Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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