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In this article you will discover the mistakes which can prove detrimental for your website’s SEO and some simple guidelines to avoid them.

Website designing is not an easy task, as there are plenty of things to consider. Usability, user experience, styling and brand guidelines are a few among them. Many designers, as well as developers, when attempting to incorporate the latest technologies to a site, usually overlook the impact that these can have on the search engine ranking of a website.

If you carefully analyze some sites from SEO perspective, you will easily notice similar issues arising again and again. However, these mistakes or missteps can be avoided in the designing phase, by keeping in mind some easy guidelines. Mentioned below are the issues which we generally come across and a few suggestions to either completely eliminate or at least lower their impact.

web design mistakes  which ruined  seo

Avoid using conventional techniques for website building

Nowadays, you will hardly come across sites which are made using only Flash or Frames for making the layout of web pages. However, the use of these techniques can still be seen at many times when the designers want to have animations or utilize other visuals for explaining complex concepts.

JavaScript combined with HTML5 can be used, in such cases, to get similar effects, while making the website search engine friendly.

Keep the content in AJAX

AJAX is a great option for imrpvoing the user experience, as well as reuducing the time taken to load pages, as by doing this you are asking the serve to only provide the required information without reloading the complete page. At the same time it is very improatnnt to make careful use of this technique, as otherwise it can pose the problem of some contentn being hidden from the search engine.

Although Google is currently capable of processing AJAX and JavaScript, however it is difficult to say how well Google can process the functionality like this. Thus it is recommened to make use of AJAX when it is extremely important, especially for imrpving user experience.

Keep the content above the fold

This problem is commonly seen on many websites, especially those which consider advertisements to be their primary  revenuesoruce, as they have too may images and ads placed above the fold. Although it is good for getting more people to click on the ads, but at the same time it can negatively impact the user experience.It has been officially acknowledged by Google as well that placing main content below the fold can affect the SEO. Thus it is crucial to place the content at a place where it is easily accessible without requiring the use of scroll bar.

Making pages too heavy by using excessive images

Graphics and images are crucial for a good website design. However using the images excessively can make the pages heavy and increase the loading time. A good option to avoid this problem is to use a tool which have been developed by Google, page speed insights, for helping developers to keep the loading time to minimum.

Be aware of the internal link structure

The way your website has been linked internally can have a huge impact on the ranking of the website. Link equity of a page is distributed between its links. Thus having a good navigation structure makes it easier for search engines to analyze the pages which are more important and thus better ranking is provided to them.

Your focus should be on maintaining a balance among accommodating the links and distribution of link equity to the main pages.

Think and act responsive

As far as possible, the website should be responsive to various devices through which it is being accessed. This practice has numerous benefits, especially from SEO perspective. The structure of websites designed for mobile platform is understood by Google and the experience of users while accessing a website through mobile is very similar to accessing it on a desktop. At the same time, using same URL will help to accumulate link equity and it will definitely improve the chances of your website getting a higher ranking.

In the end, make sure to pay attention to the most crucial elements of search engine optimization. Your website should be crawlable, images should not be used for representing text, the titles, headers and descriptions should be easy to read, useful, as well as have the keywords required for optimizing your website.

Many websites are suffering because these common issues are not being addressed properly. By hiring a good designer to take care of all these problems can prove to be very useful for clients, as their business and brand can enjoy better visibility online, thus making a considerable improvement in their brand visibility and revenue generation.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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