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Halloween is a great time to have fun and try different costumers to adopt various identities. If you want to try something different this year then consider using Photoshop.


In this tutorial you will come to know how you can use Photoshop and turn yourself into a vampire in a few clicks.

Things you need: Find or take a photo of your own. Look for some blood brushes and scary cat eyes.

Selecting the photo

Click your photo. If you are not confident then take someone’s help as you must get the composition and lighting right.


When the shot has been taken, transport into Photoshop labelling it as Face.

Adjusting skin

You must have noticed the pale skin of a vampire so we have to remove the face’s colour. For doing this you a mask needs to be created as with this colour can be added to the entire image. Select the layer ‘Face’ and in the Create new fill or adjustment layer, click on the option Hue/Saturation. The Saturation should be set to -87.

Adjusting Vampire’s Skin

Your colour palette should be white. Use Eraser Tool with soft brush to remove masked areas carefully which might be covering some parts of the image you would want to colour.

In this particular image the colour of lips, eyes and hair has been maintained. The brush size can be adjusted to attain the effect you want, as well as the detailing required.

Now as the colour has been removed, you the shadows surrounding the face can be enhanced.

By selecting the layer ‘Face’, choose the option Levels which you will find in the Create new fill or adjustment layer. Now change the sliders for enhancing the shadows around face.

Vampire Eyes

Once the desired shading and colour has been achieved, you can move on to creating the eyes. As we want to achieve a look which is dissimilar to human eyes, thus using cat’s eyes is a good idea.

You can start by selecting the area around the eye of the cat with the help of Rectangular Marqueee Tool. Now the eye should be copied and pasted into the previous image. Next step involves adding Layer Mask to Left Eye Layer and erasing the space around eye to make it similar to human eye and for that you might be required to change the size of the eye.

Vampire Eyes

Once the eye has been placed, a little enhancement might be required. Open the panel named Layer Style and select Inner Shadow as style.

Though it looks really nice, but we can add some vibrancy to it. Go to the option of Create new fill or adjustment layer and select Vibrance while Left Eye Layer is selected. In properties, set +85 as vibrance and +100 as saturation.

Now the left eye has been completed and you need to just copy Left Eye as well as Vibrance layer for creating right eye. Make sure to place it at the right position. In this process you might be required to flip and resize the image.

Now, as a group of layers is being built, it is better to keep the things organized. For this you can place eyes in a different group.

Vampire Teeth

Now it is time to create vampire teeth. You can create a triangle shape using the Pen Tool and this layer can be named as Left Tooth.

Vampire teeth

Teeth 1

Once the shape has been created, use eraser tool to eliminate some part of the top and apply the styles mentioned below to this layer:

As the tooth has been created, the layer should be duplicated and names as Right Tooth. Place both these at their right position on both sides of mouth. In the process you might be required to erase a bit more to make them fit properly.

You might notice that although the teeth are an appropriate fit, these shine a bit too much. First analyze the image’s quality and then add noise to match the teeth to the image. Before doing this you need to Rasterize teeth layers by right clicking on the layer. Now visit Filter menu and select Add Noise under the option Noise.


Depending on your preference and the kind of effect you are aiming for, adding a few blood stains will also make the image spookier. You can easily download a brush online and use it for this effect. While most of the brushes are free for use, some require payment. Thus it is better to get permission before using them.

Vampire blood

For adding the effect to your desired layer, click on a teeth layer while holding Control. Now select a brush for filling the rest.

Blood drops dripping from mouth is quintessential for a vampire. This effect can be achieved by adding various shades of red colour around lips.

For this you can create a new layer and name it Blood around mouth. You can take reference from other images to add the colour in right way. A few shades of red can be mixed to add some patches. Make sure to choose the blending mode for the layer, for giving an illusion that blood is really on the skin.

You can exaggerate the effects as much as you want. However, make sure to keep it natural for the best effect.

Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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