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Nowadays, we easily get attracted towards the fancy world in terms of a web design and spend a number of hours while playing with CSS tricks or finding up the decorative designs. While doing this, we literally forget about the actual practice of design a perfect and effective website design company. In fact, the latest designs and trendy web looks seems to be irrelevant to the maximum audience. This is one of the main reasons why most of the designers are not able to get positive results.

To avoid such errors, you need to concentrate on the basics and follow a few guidelines to achieve success in this regard.Here are three essentials factors that need to be considered to come up with effective results:

Appropriate Style


It would be a better idea to stick with a sedative style and you can definitely bring innovative ideas. While deciding the style of your site, it is essentially important to consider the interest and requirements of your target audience. This does not mean that if you are working on a flight tracker site, then it needs to be a dull or traditional functioning one to accommodate its viewers. Here we can take the example of Adioso, which includes an elegant and impressive layout that simply highlights usability and mainly focus on uplifting the search tool above all.

Apart from this, you can also include split testing, also known as A/B testing, to know about the response and requirements of your target audience. It is your job to have an idea about the viewers you are going to serve with perfect design. For this, you can use some effective tools like Google Analytics and the pop-up polls to get a rough idea. After completing this initial research, you can work on refining your design and improve more to get a positive response from the audience.

With the help of split testing, you can effectively compare the minor changes to know the difference in your success rate. Moreover, you can create several versions of your web page to submit them for comparing test with live traffic. You can keep a track on viewer’s action like clicking over the pages or signing-up and can monitor the preferences of viewers for a particular page.  With these results, you can further work on refining the design.



Speed is another important factor in web design that can greatly impact the performance of a site.A few extra seconds in loading a site can shockingly complicate user’s response and also conversion rates.Approximately, 30% of the audience will begin to abandon your site after 5-10 seconds of loading time. This may cause due to the front-end design decisions.

To cope up with this issue, you can use different techniques to enhance the speed of your site.

Initially, you need to find out the speed of your site by conducting a site speed test.After this, you can include different strategies:

Try to simplify the design elements such as, images, decorative effects, eliminate drop shadows etc.This will definitely help in increasing your site’s speed and enhance popularity.

You can use CSS sprites to exhibit pictures and also to create fonts for basic UI elements.

Indicate the height and width of the HTML image tags, which helps to load them in a given time period without affecting the rest of the web page.

Denoting the height and width of your HTML image tags, so that they can load in their own time, without holding up the rest of the page.




It is very important to have clarity of everything to achieve good response from the audience. In the web design process, there are some conventions that might confuse users and need to be stuck with like:

Search bar that is easily identified and located at the top right corner.

Breadcrumbs for intricate directional paths

Steady and easily-identified UI system, like the usage of pink elements on the site, which indicates important information.

Aesthetic frills are intended to fill in the gaps caused by solid functionality.

By following the structure that appeals your target audience confirms that your site is quite attractive and successful compared to any other site.


Miracle Studios Digital Agency

10 years Experience, Over 1000+ projects Completed. Do it right, the first time.

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